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I usually like addon compilations that use simple, but pretty, custom art. Artwork such as the panel used in Spartan UI can really help a plain UI look a lot more niffty. Today I finally decided to do my own, and add a little decoration to my UI, though I still wanted to keep an uncluttered look so I limited it the corners of my panels.

The result is this:

Added a little decoration to the top corner to make a boring black rectangle a little less drab.

I did this with a free program called PIMP, which is quite similar to photoshop, and can be done with little to no artistic ability. All you need to do is find a few brushes for PIMP (DeviantArt has plenty of good ones) and use them to add splatters, smudges, smoke, feathers or even rune patterns as you like, and follow the instructions of Btex or your chosen panel addon to put the texture in game.

I choose to stick with black, because I like black and find other colours distracting in a UI. It’s pretty amazing what other people can do with a few colours though.


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