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~New~ Pretty class-coloured frames!

This is my latest raid frame setup, still using Pitbull, but with a different look and feel. It features class coloured powerbars, names, and a recolour of the heathbar that makes missing health pop out a lot more. The frames are now a little bigger than before, with a smaller gap in between each frame, so the clickable area of each frame is enlarged without taking up any more screen space.

Buffs appear in the bottom left corner of each frame and overlaps a little of the powerbar, and buffs cast by me are slightly bigger than those cast by others. At the moment they are only tracking hots (including Earth Shield). Debuffs are in the bottom right corner, they track any undispellable debuff that’s cast by an enemy. Debuffs I can dispel highlights the border of the unit frame in the corresponding colour, and special debuffs (at the moment only penetrating cold has been set up) will also highlight the boarder, this makes it easy to spot important debuffs and makes dispelling a breeze. Aggro colours the background of the unitframe red, a good way to predict any incoming damage.

~Now Outdated~ Also classed coloured but frames were a little too small

Aside from funky colours and aura,  I have health text set up to show health deficits and hidden when no health is missing. Additionally incoming heals are shown by a green fill on the health , this means it’s very easy to tell who’s already being healed, and how much I need to heal for those who still need heals.

I always try to keep clutter to a minimum. Restricting the type of buffs and debuffs to show, makes the raid frames a lot tidier, while still showing what’s most important. I love being able to configure almost everything in Pitbull, especially auras, but I also find it the most difficult module to manage. I had a little help from Orleander’s Example Pitbull4 Configuration. Right now my frames track most of the buffs and debuffs I need to see, but in the future I would like to have all important boss debuffs set up, for example in Festergut, I’d like to be able to see who isn’t inoculated at a glance.


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